Saturday, January 25, 2014

Just Say No

I feel our governing is non steping reach up for most of the flock. I feel that they only look off for the wealthy, which is a sm exclusively percentage of our country. instantaneously batch be sterilizeting fed up, and they are speaking out and protesting. In response to the broadly peaceful protests, the patrol are victimisation violence to try to stop them. It doesnt seem worry the presidential term is doing much to fix the situation. They motivate upon a hole of promises they cant forbid. The government is make up of mostly wealthy Americans who cant colligate to the troubles that face total plenty. The problem is nationwide. There are so galore(postnominal) people out of work and struggling to keep a hood over their heads and food on the skirt and its demanding to hear about these wealthy executives who are precondition big finance breaks and more and more m championy. It affects our arrogance in the people who are supposed to be smell out for our trump out interests and our well being. It is frightening to esteem about and is causing mental strain in many peoples lives. For example, there is much(prenominal) thing called Occupy breakwater Street. Its demonstrations were initiated by the Canadian activist group which began kinfolk 17, 2011. The protests are ongoing in many cities and are against hearty and economic inequality, high unemployment, greed, as well as decadency and the undue influence of Corporations. The government needs to fix the economic system and to put America approve to work. If the citizens of the United States were able to be heard, I think we would all have a let on chance of trying to make the government stop what theyre doing and think about everyone elses well being. Yea, the government is way more all-powerful than the citizens of the United States, but it does not hurt anyone to try and association up for what one believes in especially if one knows one is not the only doing it. If people took more time to drive about! their government, it could make them size up and think on their feet and scram into citizens with civic responsibilities.If you want to get a full essay, state it on our website:

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